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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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Latvia University of Agriculture
Outputs concerned
IO1 - Repository of E-learning Video Lessons and Interviews
1 Nov 2016
31 Oct 2018

Objectives of activities carried out

- To find and analyse information on successful agribusiness companies the managers of which should be interviewed
-To prepare interview questions
- To develop criteria for evaluation of video lessons
- To create materials for the repository of e-learning

Description of activities carried out

Information on agribusiness companies published online (for example,;; ) was looked into in order to find information which could be useful for familiarising with the profiles of the companies and drafting interview questions for successful companies.
The draft version of the Interview questions was developed on the following themes: personal and professional history of company managers, their educational and training path, the specific profiles within their business to underline the importance of VET education, the personal characteristics and skills they are looking for when selecting their staff resources. The interview questions were tested with 14 Food Technology students and 3 trainers.
The following criteria for the evaluation of video lessons were developed: the usefulness of the contents for the target group, the optimum length of the video lesson, appropriate background for the illustration of the contents, technical quality (framing, composition, sound, contrast, volume, colours), the language quality (the presentation style used by the interviewee, use of correct terminology of Agribusiness Sector, fluency), the image of the company manager/trainer.
Interview questions for video lessons were developed and sent to the company managers for testing. Communication with them was held via E-mail and telephone in order to find out their difficulties and whether they understand the questions and are able to give answers. In case they lacked appropriate theoretical background, literature was prepared by the project team and sent to them enabling them to prepare for the filming of video lessons. It turned out that not all the company managers who had signed the Participation Letters were able to take part in filming due to the lack of presentation skills or other reasons. The managers of these companies had to be replaced.
Experts in Food Science from LLU were involved, and they also helped company managers to prepare for the filming sessions.
The scripts for filming video lessons were prepared and sent to the company managers prior to the filming.
20 filming sessions were held, and the filmed materials were processed and edited. The texts of success stories and video lessons were written down and reviewed. The summaries of the contents were produced. The contents of the learning objects were created.
The subtitles of 10 success stories and 10 video lessons filmed in Latvian were translated into English, edited, reviewed and uploaded in the project portal. The subtitles received from the Italian, Slovak and Spanish partners were translated from English into Latvia, typed, edited, reviewed and uploaded.
The filmed video materials were used in the study process of LLU. Academic staff members of the Language Centre used them when teaching English for Professional Purposes to students of the Faculty of Food Technology, Faculty of Society Development and Faculty of Agriculture.
The traineeship tutors from VET providers were using the video materials for training candidates of the international virtual traineeship.
The direct link to the project portal was sent to the associated partners and educational institutions, involved in the project activities, thus enabling them to use the IOs in the teaching- learning process as required. Also, company managers received this link to review the quality of the created video materials.

Results Achieved

Interview questions
Criteria for video lesson evaluation
Creation of video lessons is in progress
Preparation of theoretical literature in Food Science, General Management and Agri-business Management for company managers
Interview questions for 10 video lessons
Expert consultations to four company managers
Scripts for 10 video lessons
Ten sessions for filming success stories and video lessons
10 interviews
10 video lessons
Subtitles for 10 interviews and 10 video lessons typed in Latvian, translated into English, reviewed and uploaded in both languages.
Subtitles of 30 video lessons and 30 success stories of company managers, created by the project partners, translated from English into Latvian and uploaded.
The link to the project portal sent to 22 recipients: 12 companies, 6 associated partners and 7 VET educational institutions.
Opportunity for the virtual internship candidates and other learners to enhance their understanding of the international working environment and Agribusiness

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.