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Project Management - Testimonials

Evita Korna
Vice-School director, Latvia
The strengths of the IWBLabs Project: for companies- promotion, for secondary schools- broadening horizons of their learners and the possibility to carry out virtual traineeship as a practical part of the course of Economics. The project ideas are useful for the improvement of the learners’ career support activities in schools of our region.

Sandra Iriste
Lecturer, Latvia
Solid work has been done! The strengths of the project: the possibility to carry out traineeship not in one company, but in several companies; the opportunities not only for students, but also for traineeship tutors of VET providers to get in touch with international companies as it is not possible to become familiar with all the companies, which interest us, face-to-face. Thank you for the interesting and well-organized multiplier seminar!

Anita Blija,
Assoc. Professor, Latvia
The strength of the IWBLabs project: the possibility to combine a virtual and a full-time traineeship on site. Thank you for the excellently organized seminar and the opportunity for students to carry out traineeship doing teleworking, and for remote work possibilities.

Ingrida Grinberga
Manager, Latvia
The strengths of the IWBLabs project: the intellectual outputs created will help learners to prepare for the international virtual traineeship and to carry it out successfully.

Irina Sivicka
Lecturer Latvia
The strength of the IWBLabs project: the possibility for students to carry out international traineeship without high expenses and acquire international experience.

Dace Klava
Assoc. Professor, Latvia
The main strength of the IWBLabs project: international experience and cooperation. The possibility to meet with and to listen to different colleagues in the project multiplier seminar aimed at the implementation of the international virtual traineeship at a high level is highly appreciated.

Gunita Meiere
ERASMUS+ coordinator, Latvia
All the aspects, ideas and commentaries of the IWBLabs Project are very useful. I wish you success and luck in your project!

Jolanta Klavina
Manager, Latvia
A strength of the IWBLabs project: students can get international experience without going abroad and with little funding.

Raivis Maksis
Project manager
This project is something new. It is a great opportunity to save time. The most useful sources of the project for me are: the repository of e-learning video lessons and interviews because in nowadays the Internet is not only for young people, but also for experienced companies.

Mario Cimaroli
Manager, Italy
The platform is the most important aspect of the project but the presence of the guidelines provide a handbook to follow, which is very important.

Gianluca Candelori
Manager, Italy
The most interesting aspect and strenght is the fact that there are institution from different country, and that ensure to have different point of view

Planamente Giuseppe
Manager, Italy
Being able to do virtual internship with foreign person allows small and medium companies s to explore new markets. / The project as a whole is well structured, both the necessary information and the tools are provided.

Giammaria De Paulis
Manager, Italy
The possibility of doing virtual internships is someting new and important. Besides, having partners from different country and of different nature gives the project a completeness not present elswhere. / This project represent an opportunity to create and consolidate relationships with important partners, italian and foreign, and to actively support the development of the agrifood industry

Walter Governatori
Manager, Italy
the opportunity given to companies to meet foreign students

Jorge Lazaro
Manger, Spain
The IWBLabs project shows that companies can teach both from theoretical and practical points of view. It has been a very useful experience.

David Moreno
VET trainer, Spain
Getting to know the activity of SMEs in different countries and to have a first international experience it is very interesting for students.

Ana Lopez
Manager, Spain
I discover that agro-food companies have many different ways to spread their activity in the international market. I'm very satisfied with my participation in the project.

Elena Borobio
VET trainer, Spain
The IWBLabs project provides very useful materials for training activities. Students enjoyed watching videos in their own language and discover different cultures

Mariano Cifone
What I liked the most about the IWBLabs project has been the possibility of participating in a virtual international internship and to improve my English knowledge through the video lessons and interviews

Milada Zlatosova
Video lessons are good for better motivation in education. Virtual internship can be used as topics for thesis and papers preparation.

Eva Želikovská
Platform for virtual internships can be used as tool for preparation of students for their real life as employees, they can use their knowledge. Topics can be used for school papers etc. We appreciate better connection of school and practice.

Dana Tothova
The most interesting output for me is repository of video lessons and interviews. It is because it is most usable for my work of teacher. It is very suitable tool for students, but also for teachers to accompany partial topics (video lessons came from real companies). Virtual platform is a good opportunity to obtain virtual work experience. It can be good experience for students, but also for teachers.

Bibiana Parizekova
Improvement of English language skills, Video lessons and real contact with practice.

Marek Tirpak
Virtual internships - it is not necessary to travel abroad. Using foreign languages.

Simona Bodnarova
International internships - contact with different culture.

Martin Poprocky
Repository of e-learning lessons and interviews can be used during educational process, for special subject teaching. It can help in better connection of school and companies. Virtual internships - it is a very good idea

Pavol Stec
Video lessons - clear, illustrative, fast, persuasive material - opinions of managers from real business. Platform - can be nice tool for confrontation of knowledge and opinions in international context - user can find information, which cannot be found anywhere else.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.