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This guideline provides VET students with specific suggestions on how to participate in internships. It is advisable that VET trainers analyse the contents together with the students since the first steps of the organisation of the internship. The guideline covers topic such as: selection of the company; writing of the CV; behaviour rules in a company.
Table of Contents
1.2 Curriculum Vitae
1.2.5 Looking for a Job Actively and Passively

If you wish to find job vacancies advertised online, you can access diverse portals. The European Job Mobility portal (EURES) is an official public portal that provides reliable information to people who wish to work in Europe. They can choose a location (a European country) and indicate the desirable contract duration (temporary or permanent), contract type (full-time, part-time, traineeship, or apprenticeship). Currently, the highest number of job vacancies is offered in Germany, France, Belgium, the UK and Sweden. A list of occupations and their descriptions are provided online. One or several occupations can be chosen. A list of language skills is also provided, and job seekers have to give a self-assessment from basic to fluent. A search facility will look for job vacancies offered by companies. Companies have uploaded their profiles and requirements for candidates: responsibilities, and core qualifications (education, skills and knowledge). The employers’ contact information and a link for application are also provided.

A vast selection of online job vacancies can be found on the websites of the National Employment.

Job centres, local councils, private recruitment companies and employment services, and employers also advertise job vacancies on the Internet. Jobseekers can speed up their applications by registering on the employers’ sites and applying directly for the vacancies.

Many jobs are advertised on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A number of employer directories and listings are available to help jobseekers research potential employers to apply to. Local business parks can be searched for and visited in order to see whether there are any companies that take your interest. To find opportunities, networking or interacting with people to exchange information and develop contacts can be used.

International recruitment online events, for example, the European Job Days are organized by EURES to connect employers and jobseekers across Europe. The use of an online platform makes it possible to participate in the events from anywhere in Europe.

Online Resource

National Employment Service of Latvia
NES of Latvia informs jobseekers about job opportunities and presents job vacancies posted by companies and organisations. Career guidance is also offered.

15 applications to boost your career
Online article by Mary Lorenz describes smart phone apps that can be used to search for a job, prepare for a job interview (with short videos), personality tests for discovering one’s skills and personality.

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Job Search
Online article by Alison Doyle article focuses on tips how to start searching and applying for jobs, how to evaluate job offers, and what sites can be used for job seeking.,, are recommended.

Advice & Resources: CareerBuilder's Career Tips
Career tips are given, how to create a perfect resume, and how to stand motivated during a frustrating job search.

Company reviews, salaries and job vacancies are presented here.

Operative Tools

The dashboard of the European Job Mobility portal (EURES)
A job search facility helps match job vacancies advertised online. There You can keep You CV and motivation letter.

The website of the recruiting company CV-Online
A digital jobseekers’ and companies data base is stored here.

Digital dashboard for job listings
A digital jobseekers’ and companies data base, which helps to find job in Latvia (also in English).

International Recruitment company
A job search facility helps match job vacancies advertised online not only in Europe, but also globally.

Recruitment portal
Job vacancies offered in Latvia and foreign countries are posted here. Jobseekers use filters, such as location and job, and a job searching facility finds companies which offer vacancies.

Career online tests
Different tests are offered.

Job search
Job vacancies in European countries are listed here, and a search facility helps match relevant jobs.

The European Job Days
Jobseekers can browse the event jobs. They have to fill in the online application indicating the desirable workplace country and sector, their education level and desirable occupation.

Job Interview Basics
Tips how to answer questions in job interview read attachment Job Interview Basics.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.