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This guideline provides VET students with specific suggestions on how to participate in internships. It is advisable that VET trainers analyse the contents together with the students since the first steps of the organisation of the internship. The guideline covers topic such as: selection of the company; writing of the CV; behaviour rules in a company.
Table of Contents
1.1 Teleworking and Virtual Traineeship in a Company
1.1.2 Virtual Traineeship

Traineeships can be described as ‘work practice'. They give the trainee the chance to log some work experience hours and usually run from a few weeks to six months. There can be a blurred line between a trainee and someone working through their probationary period after having been hired. This is something that is clarified in the terms of the job contract.

Merits for trainees obtained during an international virtual traineeship:

  • connection between education and work,
  • new learning opportunities,
  • opportunities to develop skills,
  • becoming familiar with an international working environment,
  • increasing awareness of a different culture,
  • International experience on a business level,
  • Beneficial personal experience,
  • A role in the company growth plan,
  • Students’ education is made relevant to the business and social context.

How to prepare for a virtual traineeship?

  • Evaluate your personal preferences,
  • Ask more experienced peers and your teachers for guidance,
  • Find a mentor,
  • Document your success and store your proofs of your professional activities and achievements,
  • Learn a new job-oriented skill,
  • Volunteer to work on a challenging project,
  • Expand your network,
  • Set a strategic goal for your career,
  • Be active in your traineeship position search,
  • Take a risk and try something new,
  • Keep up with technologies,
  • Educate yourself on social media and build your presence there,
  • Join online industry groups and do networking,
  • Focus on your image (appearance), and
  • Update your CV.

In order to find a traineeship, different strategies can be used;

  •  Identify your career interests,
  • Identify your strongest skills and thorough knowledge areas,
  • Network with your career counsellor, alumni, friends, family members etc,
  • Attend career events: fairs and days,
  • Contact employers by telephone, email, or online,
  • Visit companies on site,
  • Check out online resources and facilities.

Prior to carrying out an international virtual traineeship, students should be appropriately trained by a telework tutor of the sending educational institution. A telework coordinator is also needed that provides advocacy, telework implementation support and monitors virtual educational data collection and storage.

The digital mentor appointed by the company manager works closely with the trainee and the virtual tutor of the VET provider.

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Operative Tools

Internship Predictor
This is a quick and easy process to help traineeship candidates evaluate their personal preferences and shows how they can be helped to secure the right job.

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A template is given to sign up on Facebook to look for a traineeship opportunity.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.